About Me

When translated Moda Bandido simply means Fashion Bandit… DUH! A “Bandido” is fun seeking, adventurous, bold, edgy, fashionable gutsy, innovative, & isn't afraid to break the rules to get where they need to get in life. Fashion Bandits are always on the go because they realize that time is of the essence and time waits for no human. Bandits consistently look for ways to make statements or ways to capture the attention of other fashionable people. They don’t seek approval from others nor do they look for justification from others. To them fashion is art, their body is the canvas and the clothes, jewelry, shoes, make-up, etc. is their paintbrush. They choose the level of intensity that they would like to display, whether it’s a look that people automatically get upon sight or a look that leaves you speechless and asking yourself “did she really just put that together” or “why didn’t I think of that first”?